Golden Saturday - look at the best moments in summary video (14 Sept), when home stars Vavřinec Hradilek and Jiří Prskavec won gold and silver for the Czech colors among kayakers.
Video by Jakub Pexa.

“Hoši, děkujem!” chanted the fans (transl. We thank you, boys) as is traditional in the Czech Republic in order to express the pride athletes bring to the country. Czech double canoeists Stepanek/Volf enjoyed this for the last time. Saying good bye to an active professional career is never easy, yet the silver and gold made up for it today. 

The Czech team was certainly the most successful one with 3 gold and 3 silver medals. British and Australian teams won two gold medals. Slovenia, France, and Italy won one.

French paddlers won 5 medals in total. British and German 4 medals in total.



1.David Florence (GBR)

2.Alexander Slafkovský (SVK)

3.Benjamin Savšek (SLO)


1.Jessica Fox (AUS)

2.Mallory Franklin (GBR)

3.Caroline Loir (FRA)


1.Vavřinec Hradilek (CZE)

2.Jiří Prskavec (CZE)

3.Mateusz Polaczyk (POL)


The Czech medal collection from the 2013 ICF World Championships was extended in the very last race thanks to the three doubles boats – Karlovsky Jane, Kaspar/Sindler, Volf/Stepanek are the World Champions in the team competition. Czechs have mastered both team competitions in the last day of the Championships in Troja. This time with the fastest run of only 130.54 seconds. Volf and Stepanek could not possibly imagine the last run of their professional career to end better. After the silver from the individual race, there comes the gold!


Stepanka Hilgertova, Katerina Kudejova, and Eva Ornstova became World Champions after an excellent run in the team competition of women kayakers. Their time was 127.55 seconds and they were the only ones, who were not penalized at all. The silver medal winners Jasmin Schornberg, Claudia Baer, and Cindy Poeschel from Germany were for whole 11 seconds slower. Bronze medal goes to Ursa Kragelj, Eva Tercelj and Adja Novak from Slovenia with a time 138.94, only 22 hundreths of a second after the German team.

Quite a bitter ending for Czech fans had the canoe double finals. The semifinals' winner Kaspar/Sindler finished fourth due to the two touches. The soon-to-retire team Volf/Stepanek ended second, and missed the World Championships win for only 4 hundreths of a second, and regretted the two extra seconds due to the touch. Their time was 114.14. It was still a brilliant ending to their long and extremely succesful career. 

The more fortunate, and thus a gold medal winner, was the British team Florence/Hounslow. This Championship has been an incredible success for David Florence and now he stands next to Jessica Fox with two golden medals now. Both of these paddlers still have a chance for a third medal victory in the team competition this afternoon. 

When Schornberg, who encountered problems in the past part of the course, finished her run, Emilie Fer could have celebrated a medal win. After Jana Dukatova touched a gate twice, it meant a silver medal in the worst case for her and bronze for her colleague Nouria Newman. After Katerina Kudejova's mistake due to which she lost probably 15 seconds, French women kayakers could have celebrated the triumph equal to yesterday's Czech men kayakers – gold and silver medal. 

Five countries ended up with three teams in the C2M double, yet only the Czech teams made it all to the finals and they all finished among the first best teams. 

The fastest time belongs to the local canoeist Jonas Kaspar and Marek Sindler (113.54), the second one to the team that is about to retire after this Championships – Jaroslav Volf and Ondrej Stepanek (116.37). The third rank in the semifinals belongs to cousins Skantars from Slovakia, who were not penalized at all, and their time was 116.77. Ondrej Karovsky and Jakub Jane forms the last local team. They finished the course in 117.68 and are fourth in the semifinals. 

Best of women kayakers in semifinals was Katerina Kudejova, a local competitor, who finished in 110.27 seconds. She will be the only Czech paddler in the K1W finals. Second was Jana Dukatova from Slovakia with a time really close to Kudejova, 110.41. Jasmin Schornberg from Germany secured a third position in the semifinals with a time 112.82. 

The most successful country is certainly France since three kayakers will take part in the finals including the London Olympics winner Emilie Fer, who ended fourth in the semifinals. 

The rest of the finals' participants: Elena Kaliska (SVK), Cindy Poeschel (GER), Dana Mann (USA), Marie-Zelia Lafont (FRA), Rosalyn Lawrence (AUS), and Nouria Newman (FRA). 

A true local canoe legend will unfortunately miss the finals. Stepanka Hilgertova finished 15th. 

Video interviews on Saturday 14.9.

Czech famous doublecanoe Jaroslav Volf and Ondřej Štěpánek will start today (15.9) for the last time ion their successfull career. They started like this (in picture) in very young age.

It would be great to end upt the career with a medal. Come and support them! The C2 semifinals at the ICF Canoe slalom world championships in Prague - Troja today at 10:35am and the finals at 3pm!

Photo: Archive Volf - Štěpánek

It is finally here, the first weekend finals were marked by a first medals for the Czech paddlers. As the weather got better, the venue was visited by a record number of spectators, who cheered wildly for their local racers. They mostly helped Hradilek for the win in the 2013 ICF World Championships, when none of the rivals could be close to his time. The fans' happiness was doubled  because the closest time to that of Hradilek (94.52) belonged to another Czech kayaker, Jiri Prskavec. Thus, they can celebrate together by the finish line altogether with the spectators, who were chanting their names. 

“It is absolutely great,” said Hradilek about the crowd who applauded him loudly. Soon after that, the ceremony took place when the best three racers were given medals. 

The Olympic winner and a double winner of the World Championships, Daniele Molmenti will bring a medal afterall. Alongside Andrea Romeo and Giovanni de Gennaro, the Italians paddled through the course with just one touch and won with a time of 109.6 seconds. 

The end of this race was rather dramatic, for the Polish team had the opportunity to improve their time in a replacement run. In the first run, they were hindered by the previous racers, the Korean team. After the race, Prozherin explained the reason behind the replacement run. 

A lot was expected from the Slovakian team full of big names: Martikan, Slafkovsky, Benus, and they have certainly showed everybody why. Despite the six penalty seconds, they won the race with a time 118.98. 

Following the Slovakian team, German canoeists were also excellent and full of expectations. Tasiadis, the winner of the individual race semifinals, was accompanied by Jan Benzien, and Franz Anton. Their time 115.77 would be good enough for gold hadn't it been for the four penalty seconds, due to which they will “only” celebrate a silver medal win. 

French team will also come home satisfied for their team won the bronze medal today. Chanut Gargaud, Marc, and Peschier's time was not one of the fastest, yet they touched gates only twice, which was much less than average. 

Czech paddlers were great in the race and were hoping for the win till the very end. Nevertheless, Australian team led by a 2013 World Champion Jessica Fox were faster for a second and half. 

Jessica Fox, Rosalyn Lawrence and Alison Borrows – the Australian team, out of which all of the three canoeists did compete in the finals individually. Their time was 164.85. Should anyone have any doubts concerning Fox in the canoe categories before this race, he can be sure about her abilities now. She was much faster than her colleagues and had to wait for them in front of the finishing line. Despite of that, Lawrence and Borrows also confirmed the expectations and Australian team could have celebrated the win.